Model 1500

Boats 15 to 17 foot. Drum holds 60 metres 10mm rope plus chain

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Model 2000
Boats 18 to 23 foot. Drum holds 90 metres 10mm rope plus chain

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Model 2500
Boats 24 to 30 foot. Drum holds 130 metres 10mm rope plus chain

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Model 3000
Boats 30 to 40 foot. Drum holds about 150 metres 12mm rope.

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I am very well known in both commercial and charter fishing circles and after retiring from both, I have embarked on another venture which looks set to be equally successful. My Woolfwinches, which I designed while living in Tumby Bay, are my new direction.


Disappointed with the way some of the anchor winches on the market are put together, I decided to build a winch that is simple, robust and idiot proof. After fitting the prototype to my own boat, it was seen by a couple of Tumby Bay locals, who asked me to build winches for them. Soon my 'hobby' blossomed into a full time business and I am now manufacturing in Warnertown, on Highway One, near Port Pirie, in South Australia.


I will custom build a winch to suit individual requests, but the most popular product, designed for boats up to 7m, takes 65m of 10mm rope and 4m of close-linked chain. There are three other standard sizes as well, so most buyers are well catered for.

All winch drums are made from marine grade aluminium and stainless steel, the electronics are sealed from the elements below deck and there are two motor sizes available (1400w and 1700w). The Model 2000 winch weighs in at 23 kg, which isn't a lot of extra weight to have up on the foredeck.


The retrieval rate of one metre per second is quick enough for all but the most impatient angler and I assure you that rope twist in not an issue with my winches.


We stock:

  • heavy duty stainless steel Bow Rollers,

  • Nylon Rope,

  • Battery Cables to suit winches,

  • Anchors and Anchor Chain,

  • stainless steel Bolts and Nuts.

For advice on your anchor winch needs, contact me:

Jeff Woolford

Designer & Manufacturer of Woolfwinches.








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